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Welcome to Ian’s Gifts.

My name is Ian McKenzie. I am the owner of this web site and the designer and manufacturer of the various gifts that you will find listed on this site.

If you don’t already know me, I shall include a brief biography here.

Currently I am semiretired having spent a major portion of my working career in the Education sector. One of my passions is photography, and it has been for well over the last fifty years. With the luxury of having more “me” time in recent years I have been able to spend more time in this area.

As a practical, “hands-on” person, I have always also enjoyed doing what I can for myself. The aging process has prevented me from doing many of the things I used to do, but I do still like to dabble. These days it is generally with activities which don’t require excessive physical exertion.

Working with photographs certainly comes into the “doable” category. Enhancing and manipulating photographs I have done ever since the software has been available. I think Photoshop 4 was my first commercial enhancing program. However, I used to enjoy getting the effects I wanted in makeshift darkrooms with chemistry, way before digital photography was available.

Almost everyone is a photographer these days with digital cameras being an integral part of modern mobile phones and other pieces of technology. It is also easy and inexpensive for anyone to print their own photos with modern ink jet printers.

Prints in the old days produced using chemistry on silver halide coated paper were much more expensive. These prints however had a warmth and a lasting quality which can not be matched with ink jet printers. These silver halide prints are still available and products and prices are on the Photographs page of this site.

In addition to photographs, I have also produced, or I am in the process of producing, numerous other products. Most of these products also include some aspect of photography or have a photography component. Currently available products are listed on the Categories page of this site. This site is a “work in progress’, and it is planned that the range of products will constantly grow.


The site was first published in October, 2015. Latest update 3 August, 2016


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